Rachel Gia Cambrin is a Canadian folk singer, song writer, and producer from Vancouver, B C in Canada and lives openly as a non-binary person in all aspects of their life. 

Having been a sideman in bands for many years, playing ska, reggae, blues, and rock, their reinvention as a solo artist took some time but turned out to be the right move. Open mics and being hired as a house musician at a small venue helped, but it was busking at the Granville Island Market in Vancouver that had the biggest impact in their transition to solo artist. Content just to work on their writing and set list, Rachel busked for three years whenever they could until COVID changed everything. The Busker Program was shut down and it was during this time that Rachel started recording and releasing songs online through Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms. 

The first song they released was an original song called Sad Eyed Stars in early 2020, with a slew of singles to follow. An original called Sisters of the Dark caught the attention of a few local indie radio stations and two interviews followed along with being a featured artist on a Vancouver Street Musician blog. In early 2021, six songs were picked from the singles, and were released as an EP called Cover to Cover. One of the songs finally got some attention from the FB ads and it became apparent that multiple song releases were the way to go. It was in the spring of 2021 that Rachel contacted drummer Bam Ross and guitarist Cory Hawthorne to work on a full album worth of songs. 

The process was slow at first with busking reopened, but when Bam bowed out to work on their studio in Florida a new drummer was needed, and the position was filled by veteran Vancouver musician Pat Steward. Phone calls between Rachel and Pat resulted in bassist Rob Becker coming on board and a recording band was established. Rachel was also finally gelling with the audiences that attended her shows on Granville Island which made it possible to finance the musicians and engineers needed for the project. 

The placeholder title for the release was always Feral but she toyed with naming the album Sad Eyed Stars as the mood of that song was to be carried over into the entire collection. Recording proceeded throughout 2022 and drummer Matthew Atkins joined the line up in the final hours to help finish the last two songs and on November 2nd Rachel finalized the 9 songs at Suite Sound Labs Mastering Studios and the album was released online under the title Sad Eyed Starz. A CD is pending and will be released before the end of 2022.